cell-phone-no-serviceBasis of THIS Class Action Lawsuit:

  • Undocumented fee increases
  • False Advertising Regarding Coverage

My background:
I’ve been a customer of T-Mobile for years and now it has come to a breaking point that I’m fed up with their insufficient coverage, increasing pricing and I’m sure that I’m not alone.  So this blog is designed solely to get others who have similar experiences as mine and to collect those names and file a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile for breach of contract to give us the opportunity to leave for greener pastures.

I live in Lawrenceville, GA which is a suburb of Atlanta.  It is located in Gwinnett county which is one of the largest and fastest growing counties in the U.S. It is heavily populated and my home in particular is within 2 miles of the major highway of I-85. This is not the boondocks or up in the mountains.   During my years with T-Mobile I never had any issues which was why I stayed onboard.  But something changed and now there are multiple dead zones in very heavy traffic areas along the highways and at my home.  For me to take a call at my house, I either have to stand at the window at the front of my home or outside in my driveway.  There are also major dead zones where calls get dropped along I-85 all throughout Gwinnett county including;

  • I-85 North right at the 85/985 split for a 1 mile stretch
  • I-85 South just south of the Mall of Georgia exit (20) for 1 mile
  • I-85 North and South in 4 different locations between where 985 begins up to the Gainesville exit and all 4 of which are over 1 mile in length.
  • I-285 in multiple locations including near the Memorial Drive exit and 78, and many, many dead zones on the west side of 285.

I’ve documented all of these dead zones via video.  This isn’t even including all of the major dead zones just off of the highways. Here is the map from T-Mobiles website indicating their coverage.  The heavy green is the BEST coverage which is complete falsehood and we’ve documented the dead zones in yellow on video.

I personally feel that this is unacceptable, because T-Mobile claims that they have “best” coverage in these areas and that is a misrepresentation of the truth and deceptive advertising.

When I called to see what the cost would be to cancel the contract, I was told $200.  They do not pro-rate the cancellation fee like Verizon Wireless does. Actually, they do, but lucky me that they implemented it just after my contract started.  How convenient for them.  Additionally, with my prior allegiance to T-Mobile, I also opted for their At Home service where it only cost me $10 per month for home phone service which is a great deal.  Come to find out that they will also charge you an additional $200 for that line, even though it rides over your cell phone line.  So you’re not canceling two lines, but they’ll charge you $200 anyway, just because they can.  Funny thing is that my contract expires in December of 2009, so I should just wait it out, right?  Wrong. The home phone service is a contract also, so you will be charged $200 once you cancel your cell phone service, because it can’t operate without one.  That doesn’t expire until July 2010.  I never received any notice stating that I would receive an early termination on the home phone line, so watch out.

Their fix?  Too bad, so sad.  They offered that I upgrade my phone to one that operates off of a Wi-Fi signal when I’m in the house to increase my signal.  You guessed it.  They would require me to sign another 2 year contract to get it.  Not even considering that it doesn’t address the dead zones on the highways. They also offered to have some technicians come out and check out the service at my home to verify that the signal is as I say it is.  They said the signal is fine and they blame it on my foliage. I have 4 waist high bushes in front of my home and one tree in the front yard.  Meanwhile, if you go down my street in my neighborhood, there is either no signal at all for my entire street or at most one bar that it will struggle to hold onto if you’re on a call.

angry-cell-phoneSo again, I’m sure that I’m not alone and I want everyone on T-Mobile with similar experiences to take legal action for their breach of contract.  Simply send your name and problems that you’re experiencing and I will organize a class action lawsuit for their breach of contract based on false advertising, increased pricing, altered fees, decreased coverage areas and most all of which is explicitly addressed in the contracts.

The increase in fees is supposedly allowed, but only if they inform you of those increases, which has never occurred.  But it makes no difference because they won’t let you out, so we’re forced to take legal action and that’s what we’ll do.

Think class action against T-Mobile won’t work?  Think again:
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